Our Mission

EDAB seeks to enhance the undergraduate experience by acting as the liaison between the Penn Engineering students, faculty, and administration.

Our Process

EDAB meets weekly to research and develop our initiatives and deliverables. These projects range from improving the social ambiance of Penn Engineering to understanding which processes lead students to take on extra degrees and minors. We then present our findings in bimonthly Deans’ meetings, in which we meet with Dean Kumar, Associate Dean Composto, Director of Student Life Sonya Gwak, Director of Comm. Joan Gocke, Director of Administrative Operations Chambrel Jones, CETS IT Senior Director Kris Varhaus, and other faculty from around the school.

Our Feedback Loop

Our success is dependent on the feedback we receive from administration and our peers. Some of our most recent projects have arisen from conversations with students who mentioned frustrations in their everyday lives, such as being unable to print directly from their laptops. As a result, EDAB regularly solicits feedbacks from faculty, student leaders, freshmen, and even building managers to understand how we can impart an even bigger impact. This leads to over 10 projects in a school year that act behind the scenes to better the average Penn Engineer’s life. We check our inbox daily, so please contact us through the website form or through any of our members if you have any ideas.